King Kong Soft, unattended martial arts action RPG ‘The Best Sword in the World’ opened

King Kong Soft announced on the 7th that it released a new neglected martial arts action RPG ‘The Best Sword’ on the 7th.

‘The Best Sword in the World’ is an idle RPG that delivers the joy of easy and fast growth, such as simple control methods and acquisition of automatic hunting experience points during battle. Against the background of ‘Rhubarb’, the border between the realm of the sage and the realm of spirits, a player born here walks the path of the greatest sword in the world to correct the order of the world. It is characterized by splendid action martial arts skills based on zen methods, heights, vehicles, and costumes with various charms and atmospheres.

In the game, you can collect and grow goods by clearing the main stage and quests, and you can acquire items in the boss mode, which is the core PvE content. In addition, you can acquire a large amount of materials and items such as high-grade equipment with a probability through the limited event ‘Suraji Palace’.

In particular, it is possible to develop kidneys of four attributes that assist in combat: fire, ice, poison, and electricity. Xinjiang can learn more powerful skills through victory, and it is also possible to strengthen them by collecting each unique god. In addition, it boasts a more powerful appearance by strengthening the fixed damage and buff of the natural content.

An official from King Kong Soft said, “We plan to show more fun and stable operation services by promptly communicating and responding quickly to users’ suggestions through the 1:1 inquiry channel and Kakao Talk channel.”

The first sword in the world is holding various events to mark the official opening. Detailed information on games and events can be found on the official website of Cheonha First Sword and the lounge.