Flex 4 (Gumbo) beta released!

Flex 4 beta (codename: Gumbo) has been released, I just finished to read about the new major release. These are the main news:

  1. Improved compiler performance
  2. New skinning and component architecture (named Spark)
  3. Added suppurt to FXG (learn more about FXG)
  4. New states model
  5. ASDoc tool has been improved and is now possible to use ASDoc tags in mxml documents
  6. CSS has been improved to support descendant and id selectors (finally the previous missing “cascading part” of CSS has been provided!)
  7. Backwards compatibility with Flex 3

The new sdk is available on Adobe Labs

More about Gumbo here:

An Introduction to the Gumbo Component Architecture (by Deepa Subramaniam)
What’s new in Flex 4 SDK beta (by Matt Chotin)
Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 (by Joan Lafferty)

Choose and install multiple Flex SDKs for Flex Builder

With Flex Builder is possible to install several SDKs (for example for testing purpose), all the SDKs are available here: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Flex+SDK.
It’s possible for example to download the last SDK (still a preview) Flex 4 (codename Gumbo) and add it to the already installed SDKs, the procedure is really simple:

  • Download the zip file of the desired SDK (you have first to accept the license agreement)
  • Unzip it and rename the folder by leaving only the version number
  • Go to the installation folder of Flex Builder (which is in my case:  “/Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3 Plug-in/”, because I’m using the Flex Builder plugin for Eclipse under Mac OS X)
  • Copy the zip content into the folder named “sdks”
  • Open Flex Builder and go to: Preferences / Flex / Installed Flex SDKs
  • Click on “Add…” button
  • Click on “Browse…” button and select the folder of the previously installed SDK
  • Flex Builder will automagically compiles the field “Flex SDK name” with “Flex 4.0” (the name can be changed to whatever we like)
  • Now is possible to choose which SDK will be used by selecting its checkbox (in this case checkboxes are not an adequate choice, they should be radio buttons, because we can use only an SDK at time)

This is how the SDKs window looks on a Mac:

Adding a new Flex SDK