Jetpack: building Firefox plugin with Javascript (and jQuery)

I discovered a couple of days ago a new open source project from Mozilla labs: Jetpack.
It’s an “API set” which allows to build Firefox’s plugins by using Javascript, HTML (including new HTML 5 tags: “video” and “audio“) and CSS (oh yes, in a single word Ajax).
Jetpack is still in an early development phase and released as 0.1 version.
Here you can find the (really brief) api documentation and here some examples.
I would like to try it in the future

Aptana’s Javascript editor is too cool!

I’ve just discovered that the last version of the Aptana Studio (in my case the Eclipse plugin version) has an integrated support for javadoc syntax inside js files. The beauty of this feature is that, once you have defined a function, you can just type /** and press enter and Aptana will generate automatically all the comments for you:


Furthermore it will show tips including parameters description when you will use your previous defined function:


…and if you want to add extra “@tag”, the editor will suggest you all tags available:


Too cool!!! I love Aptana :-)

Associate custom file extensions to the default Aptana’s text editor


In a project which I’m working on, the team make an intensive use of text file to include with SSI, and these files are named conventionally┬á .inc, Aptana by default opens these custom extensions with the default system’s editor (notepad on windows). We can tell Aptana to open the .inc or whatever extension we want with the Aptana’s text editor by simply doing the following: Choose window/preferences/Aptana/Editors/Generic Text, click add and then type our desired extension (in my case *.inc). Now if we double click over a .inc file in the project tree view, it will be opened inside Aptana.
ps. The path to the settings panel may change according to the version of Aptana/Eclipse installed (I’m using the Aptana plugin for Eclipse 3.4.1)