Learning design patterns with Actionscript 3: episode 1 – Singleton pattern

In these Christmas holidays I bought some new books, among them I purchased “Actionscript 3 design patterns” (written by William Sanders and Chandima Cumaranatunge) and I’m actually studying this one. I never faced before the world of design patterns (which is, for those that never heard about, a way to write code and solve problems by implementing tested strategies that will guarantee flexibility and extensibility), or better I knew what a design pattern is, but I’m trying to learn to use them for the first time.
Unfortunately the first thing I learned about implementing design patterns in Actionscript 3 is that for some stuff we have to use workarounds, because actually as3 doesn’t provides 2 little useful things: abstract classes (on which most of the patterns are based) and not public constructor (in Java we can declare a class constructor as private, in as3 we must declare it as public), anyway with some little efforts, we can do everything :-)

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