MicroBookReview #1: Essential Actionscript 3.0 by Colin Moock (O’REILLY)

Essential Actionscript 3.0Despite the word “essential”, in this book Colin Moock shows almost everything about Actionscript 3 and he does it in a clear and exhaustive manner.

The book covers several topics from the scratch and teaches not only the foundations but also some best practices and things to avoid, the topics are the following (generalized):

  • Packages, classes, interfaces, functions and methods
  • Language’s operators, variables, array and loops
  • Animations
  • Vector and Bitmap graphic
  • Events and event handling
  • XML (read, create, manipulate)
  • Flash security
  • OOP concepts (Inheritance, polymorphism and more)
  • Garbage collection
  • a Flex hint

Vote: 5/5