MicroBookReview #1: Essential Actionscript 3.0 by Colin Moock (O’REILLY)

Essential Actionscript 3.0Despite the word “essential”, in this book Colin Moock shows almost everything about Actionscript 3 and he does it in a clear and exhaustive manner.

The book covers several topics from the scratch and teaches not only the foundations but also some best practices and things to avoid, the topics are the following (generalized):

  • Packages, classes, interfaces, functions and methods
  • Language’s operators, variables, array and loops
  • Animations
  • Vector and Bitmap graphic
  • Events and event handling
  • XML (read, create, manipulate)
  • Flash security
  • OOP concepts (Inheritance, polymorphism and more)
  • Garbage collection
  • a Flex hint

Vote: 5/5

Adobe Flex 3 – Training from the Source… a new book to read :)

Adobe Flex 3 - Training from the sourceDirectly from Adobe’s Canadian headquarter and with the amazing efficiency of FedEx shipping (2 days only from Canada to Italy!), this morning I’ve received a new interesting and fresh book to read: “Adobe Flex 3 – Training from the source”… yes it talks about Flex 3, Actionscript and RIA and is part of an official books series from Adobe.

I would like to thanks Mike Potter, for the gift. I’ve appreciated it very much, and I hope to enter in the active Actionscript/Flex community as soon as possible.

I’m learning Actionscript 3… and I like it!

Essential Actionscript 3.0After some tests with the Adobe AIR SDK, I’ve discovered the huge limits of developing in HTML + Javascript (of course I’m speaking about a desktop application perspective). So I’ve took a look around and I’ve realized that what I need for AIR (and not only) is Actionscript! It is infinitely stronger, flexible and better structured than Javascript, and with the 3.0 version is a true object oriented programming language. From my point of view it can be considered a middle way between Java and Javascript. In fact it has the OOP benefits as polymorphism, hineritance, interfaces, typed parameters and so on like Java, plus the flexibility of the coding style like Javascript, ie I can use JSON sintax and I’m free to code in “strongly tiped” way or not.

At the moment I’m studing the excellent book “Essential Actionscript 3.0” and I’m already quite comfortable with the new language. The next book I’m going to buy are:

  • Actionscript 3 design patterns
  • Actionscript 3 game programming university
  • Foundation Actionscript 3 animations: Making Things Move!
  • Programming Flex 3 – The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex

So… like AC/DC say: “It’s a long way to the top if you want rock N roll” :-)