View the generated source code in internet explorer with a bookmarklet

internet explorer sucksAs all knows, in browser like Firefox, in order to view the generated source code of a page (that is the final HTML which the browser display into the window, so it includes JS generated nodes and SSI inclusions) we have simply to select all (ctr+A or command+A on a Mac) and choose “View selection source”. Internet Explorer instead doesn’t offers the ability to view the generated source but only the basic HTML code (whic doesn’t include dynamic generated content). To have such feature, I’ve used the innerHTML property to get the final content of <html> tag, and I’ve realized a bookmarklet to call after the loading of the page. The bookmarklet opens an 800×600 resizable popup with a textarea that shows the HTML code.

This is the code of the bookmarklet:
to use it, simply copy and paste into the ie address bar and press enter ;-)