WordPress 2.7 has been released: my first impressions

wordpress-logoToday I can finally see the new version of WordPress (2.7), these are my impressions about this release:

– The layout is clean and really user-friendly

– The new upload system with the progress bar is pretty cool :-)

– I like very much the possibility to dispose the various widget  with a drag and drop

– The ability to collapse the menu on the left is good, but I don’t understand why has been used the “resize” mouse cursor (the small line with the arrows)… initially I thought that I can set the width by tragging the menu, instead I have to click it to collapse/expand… it’s not so intuitive :-P

– Another cursor that I would change, is that used to expand/collapse widget, which I would replace with a “pointer” cursor (the hand) rather than default one (the arrow)

– I’ve noticed that the mechanism which replace forms controls (like file upload) are little bugged, because I can see first the “unstyled” version of the controls and then it replaced with the “cool version”

However WordPress confirms to be the best blogging platform available.