Documenting Actionscript classes which make use of AIR framework

This is just a quick post that may (I hope) help who are going to use asdoc tool to generate Actionscript documentation for AS classes which use AIR framework.


You want to generate documentation for your package(s), but when you type asdoc command in the terminal you get a lot of errors such:

Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: File.
Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Vector

…and so on


You have to use -external-library-path option to include AIR swc, because AIR classes are located into external swc apart from Flex framework.
These files are under /sdks/{yourSDKVersion}/frameworks/libs/air/ (where “{yourSDKVersion}” is the version of Flex SDK you are using to deploy your applications) and are the following five:

  • airframework.swc
  • airglobal.swc
  • applicationupdater_ui.swc
  • applicationupdater.swc
  • servicemonitor.swc

The first 2 should be imported with -external-library-path option anytime you use AIR classes, the others are necessary only if you are using the update framework and/or serivicemonitor.

The following is an example of how to use the asdoc command with the option discussed:

./asdoc -source-path=/Users/davidezanotti/Documents/workspace/myproject/src/ -external-library-path=/Applications/Adobe\ Flex\ Builder\ 3\ Plug-in/sdks/,/Applications/Adobe\ Flex\ Builder\ 3\ Plug-in/sdks/ -doc-sources=/Users/davidezanotti/Documents/workspace/myproject/src/ -output=/Users/davidezanotti/Desktop/doc

The code above will succesfull generate documentation for all classes under the folder “/Users/davidezanotti/Documents/workspace/myproject/src/” to the “doc” folder on the desktop.