Eclipse: convert upper case text to lower case and viceversa with a simple shortcut

This is just a quick post to share these 2 little shortcuts to convert text from lower case to uppercase and viceversa in Eclipse.

Lower case: CTRL+SHIFT+Y (CMD+SHIFT+Y on Mac OS X)
Upper case: CTRL+SHIFT+X (CMD+SHIFT+X on Mac OS X)

In both the combination you can select one or more character to convert.

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    Great tip – Just what I was looking for today.

  • I come back to this post about once a month, when I again have the need to clean up somebodies code (somebody that never cares about Coding Conventions)

  • LOL, is not a difficult shortcut to remember :))

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  • Anyone know if there’s a shortcut key to convert to camel case ?

    As in, “SOME TEXT” too “Some Text”

  • Thanks for this shortcut.. this has saved a lot of time for me, literally

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  • Anyone find camel case shortcut? As in comment #6?

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    just helped out my coworker with this. Thanks!

    Also, on osx it’s command+shift X or Y

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    Works in Aptana Studio 3 as well.
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    Wow….been coding for years and recently a lot of my code depends on capitalization. This will sure help. It worked on a Windows 7 OS as well in eclipse.

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  • Anyone find camel case shortcut? As in comment #12?

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    What abt for Windows 7?

  • it should be the same

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  • For camel case try shift+ctrl+ –
    In Apana (maybe also Eclipse) it’s in Commands -> Source -> Toggle Camel Case

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    this is not working on mac os x (10.9.4)

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    If these shortcuts are not working. You can find it in Menu Windows/Preferences/General/Keys
    Enter text “To Lower” to filter then assign shortcuts in Bindings field.
    Same for “Upper”.

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    upper case to lowercase online.