Set DataGridColumn’s width in percentage with ease

I was trying to set the columns of a DataGrid to a certain percentage, but I discovered that inexplicably DataGridColumn doesn’t provide percentageWidth property nor it accepts a percentage string as width property… so I did a quick search on google and I found that is sad but true and moreover the solution I found on the web is to use a function to calculate each single column width after creationComplete event is dispatched… terrible! However I did a test before, by assign a decimal value to width (0.5 instead of 50%) and it works! The width property in fact accepts a Number as value not an int, so we can specify a value under 1, which is treated as a percentage… what surprise me, is that no one seems to had this idea… anyway I hope this will be helpful for all.

This is a piece of my AS code to set DataGridColumn width in percentage:

col = new DataGridColumn();
col.width = options[i] == "Message" ? 0.6 : 0.1;

In my code I’m setting the columns to 10% and to 60% only for “Message” column.